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(Source: The Hindu)

First, they asked us to refrain from wearing half-helmets, next, they forced the helmets on the heads of children. Now they won’t permit us to wear the imported ones. Call this move of the Bengaluru Traffic Police as patriotism or otherwise, people have started scratching their heads after the new rule has been rumored to come into effect from 1st February this year.

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute, the former name that the Bureau of Indian Standards who give the ISI mark. Anything that bears the sign in India is seen as having great authenticity and reliability. But the issue is things that have achieved validation from Economic Commission of Europe and Department of Transportation, USA yet seem to have failed to seek approval from the ISI. The helmets approved from abroad are much better in quality than the ones manufactured in India. However, the Bengaluru Police wants to see ISI marks everywhere.


(Source: India Mart)

It is quite hilarious that now police will be fining people just because they wear good quality helmets. Of course, the intention of the traffic police is to increase awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet. Quite a lot of people have the view that the Indian traffic police department is ignorant about latest technologies. It includes knowledge about the quality of helmets, not just forcing people to wear one of any kind just because they need to.


(Source: News18)

The biggest blunder is happening with people who ride Harley Davidson and other luxury bikes. They often buy and wear helmets worth 15k and above. Now they have to keep aside those pricey helmets (remember, they are highly safe too!) for the fear of getting a ticket.

This is going to affect the import-export businesses of India too. Helmet traders from other countries are refusing to invest in India. This is turning out to be a big loss of an opportunity for the country, to establish good ties with other countries.


(Source: Kemmannu.com)

Nevertheless, it is the safety that matters the most. If this move is just to keep the Indian helmet industry intact, then it is quite absurd. You don’t need to force people to accept things made in India. They will automatically choose them if the quality is proper, which is not, in comparison to a lot of helmet brands from outside India.

There is actually nothing to debate about here. You wear helmets made in India or outside, as long as your head is protected, everything is fine!

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