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The Guruji culture has been deeply embedded in the Indian DNA for quite sometime now. Be it anything, from studies to sports, a guide, a mentor, a coach is all we need. Every sportsperson has had a ‘guru’ with them for a substantial period of time in their lives. Therefore, fitness being a complicated and very technical field, it is extremely important to have someone to guide us in our fitness journey. These someones are the famous health instructors that we see today. And some of them are:



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If we are talking about fitness training, then not mentioning this name would be a sin on the writer’s part. One of the top-rated fitness trainers in the entire fitness world, Kris Gethin is a bodybuilding.com certified trainer. He also is a celebrity trainer responsible for the miraculous transformations of our so-called on-screen portrayals of actors. His list also includes two of our very own bollywood actors who have a physique the entire world craves for – Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. Also, the size of Kris’ arms speak for themselves.




This individual has attained the distinction of being awarded the title of ‘fittest man on Earth’ for four years consecutively – 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. He is arguably known as the fittest man in history. Also, one interesting fact about him is that he doesn’t follow a stringent routine of diet and workout. He tends to listen to his body. He eats healthy meals according to his needs. Also he works out multiple times a day whenever he feels like. From the state of Michigan in the US, Rich Froning Jr. has not only made a name for himself in the world of Crossfit but has also been able to earn a living from it through coachings and sponsorships from various companies like Reebok,etc.



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Our very own Indian fitness ‘GURU’, Guru Mann has inspired his enumerable followers on all social media platforms from all around the world. This Indian fitness guru hailing from Punjab and currently residing in California is one of the most respected figures in the fitness Industry. He has been providing the people with various diet plans and workout regimes free of cost. He believes that he can achieve his mission of ‘Fit India’. By far, he has been able to touch a million lives through his Youtube channel and is definitely walking towards achieving his goal.


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Adriene Mishler hails from a theatre background, is a part of the television industry and has given voiceovers for DC Universe online However she has built another name for her as a yoga guru. Her Youtube follower count is a sprawling 3 million. There have been numerous people who are saying that they are leaving yoga studios because they have been able to connect with yoga more through her videos. She is fun-loving, energetic and has this genuine personality which motivates one to embrace fitness through yoga.



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Fitness is not always about working out. It is also about eating healthy and adequate. Jamie Oliver is a popular British celeb-chef who is currently present in millions of kitchens around the globe- either through his recipes, or cookbooks or his line of utensils. He is committed to bridge the gap between tasty and healthy. His recipes always come with detailed analysis of what and how much nutrients it contains.

All said and done, it is high time we get a grip on our health. It doesn’t mean aiming to make a size zero figure or buffing up, but knowing how to maintain the homoestasis of the body. It is about how we accept our body and knowing to take care of it.

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