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(Source: The Hindu)

We grow up dreaming to fly in the sky someday. Though, most of us experience the services of commercial flights at some point of our lives, sitting on a helicopter seems like a long lost dream which very few can experience. But, guess what? After Uber and Ola’s cab services, we will have HeliTaxii providing chopper services in our very own city of Bengaluru. They will provide airport services from electronic city as well reducing the travel time from two to three hours to just fifteen minutes. The aim is to save people from being stuck in traffic and missing their flights.

Developed countries have already been enjoying helicopter services for quite sometime now. Thanks to HeliTaxii, India will take another major stride towards development with the introduction of the first such service in the country.


(From left) Hari Marar, Executive Director and President, BIAL; Group Captain (Retd) KNG Nair, Chief Managing Director of Thumby Aviation; Karnataka Industries Minister R.V. Deshpande; Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha and Karnataka Chief Secretary Subhash Chandra Khuntia. (Source: The Hindu)

Not only this, HeliTaxii will also provide emergency healthcare and ambulance services. With the introduction of this, hopefully access to emergency healthcare would be made easier and would help save lives. It also provides its services to rural and remote areas and thus shortening the travel time. Moreover, under the section of ‘Joy Rides’ they provide a citywide tour on their helicopter.

Thumby Aviation Private Limited first announced that it will parent the services in Bengaluru. They hope it will reduce not just the time to reach the airport but will also reduce the traffic congestion on the roads.


(Source: IBTimes)

The idea is not the brainchild of the Indian government. It is adopted from the heli-taxi services of Sao Paulo in Brazil where about 300 choppers hover over the city on a daily basis, carrying passengers from one part of the city to another. The services in Bengaluru is expected to begin within three months. Initially, the services will be operated between Kempegowda International Airport and the Electronic City. Later, they will ferry people to and fro Whitefield and HAL Airport.

The prices have not been fixed yet. However, it will be highly competitive with the prices of the road taxis going in the same direction. The interests shown by both the masses and the other companies who are willing to provide similar services will have a great impact on the service prices.

However, we cannot stop speculating whether the services will be available for the commoners. What about the numerous helipads in multi-storeyed buildings? Will they be made operational for heli-taxis? What will be the prices?

It is expected that the services in Bengaluru will pave the way for other cities of India to adopt such measures. The biggest benefit of heli-taxis is that it will reduce the daily hassle of traffic. But now it solely depends on its popularity and the prices fixed.

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