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These days becoming an overnight sensation is not unheard of. While the reasons can be crazy, there are many who have gone viral on the internet and become famous. It’s not yet clear if this century of share-at-the-click-of-a-button is a curse or a boon, but irrespective, one can’t deny the power of it. While some could convert their fame into tangible success, some just remained as memes and couldn’t cash in on their newfound popularity.

Here are some of the most recent occupants of your news feed:

Priya Prakash Varrier


The girl who stole the hearts of many with just her smile and a wink, is an actress and a model. Her song, from the Malyalam movie Oru Adaar Love, is what crafted her way into fame, making her the most searched Indian on Google, dethroning Sunny Leone. She also gained 6,00,000 followers on Instagram within a period of 24 hours. Who thought a 28 second clip could have such an effect on the audience. Not only has she been receiving calls for interviews and appearances, a complaint too has been made to the police in the grounds that her song has hurt sentiments of the Muslim community.

Just Sul


This 44-year-old mechanical engineer, known by the alias name of Just Sul, recreates picture perfect moments of celebrities around the world, giving them his own twists. What’s even more hilarious is that he even tags these celebrities, from Kylie Jenner to Justin Beiber, on his posts. Presently, he has managed to amass 2.3 million followers on Instagram. After all, who doesn’t love a funny man? Check his Instagram page here.

Arshad Khan


I am pretty sure this photograph you recognize. Yes, the Pakistani man who captured the internet of 2016 with his intense smoldering gaze. His popularity earned him an opportunity to become a model. He went on to walk on the ramp, be a part of major photoshoots and even a song. However, a year later, reports made rounds that he had to quit showbiz because of his family’s disapproval.

Choi Young-jae


Back in May of 2017, a photograph of South Korean President’s bodyguard went viral. While the internet swooned over him, he told the media that he was “baffled” by what was happening and that “attention should be paid to the president, not me. I don’t want to steal the limelight.” He had earlier served Korea’s Special Warfare Command as an officer for 10 years, before volunteering (he is not from any private security company) to serve President Moon because he believed in the President’s vision.

Omar Borkan AL Gala


Currently residing in Vancouver. Omar Borkan Al Gala had gotten famous in 2015 as being “too handsome for Saudi Arabia”. That was reported to be the reason why he was kicked out of the kingdom– however these reports were later found to be false. He clarified later that, he was attending a cultural festival in Riyadh. Being a model, he was recognized by a few girls, who asked for his autograph and picture. However, when the crowd of female admirers grew, the authorities intervened and asked him to leave the festival. The next day he returned to Vancouver. On being asked why he stayed silent for so long, he replied, ““But it’s not a really bad incident, to be honest. It benefited me more than it did me bad.”

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