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One of the best comfort food, after ice cream, cheese has since forever received love. I mean, can anyone really deny being attracted to the melted heaven on pizzas, the generous sprinkle over pasta, the gooey gorgeousness of cheese balls. To further your cheese fetish, here’s a curated list of different types of cheese that goes beyond your routine mozzarella and cheddar.

Blue (Bleu) Cheeses


This type of cheese, with its blue, green or sometimes even brownish grey veins, has a pretty strong and salty-tangy taste. They are injected with cultures of Penicillium mould which creates these veins. They go well with sweeter desserts and sparkling wines. Arethusa Blue, an English-style blue cheese produced by Arethusa Farm in Bantam, was recently named the best blue cheese in the world.




Originating in Switzerland, Gruyère is made of cow’s milk. It is a hard cheese which gets harder and more grainy in texture with age. It’s a versatile cheese that can be used grated, like in French onion soup or melted, like in the classic fondue. Its partner wine is Pinot Noir and Port.



This “Queen of Cheeses” originated in Brie, France, from where it gets its name. It’s a pale soft cow’s milk cheese with a white mould as it’s rind. It is one of the greatest kind and is said to make everything it meets more delicious. It is mildly sweet in flavour and hence, goes well with berries and dark chocolate. Tastes best when paired with Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.



Another French cheese, Camembert is as delicious as it is expensive. It is soft-ripened cheese with runny and smooth texture, encompassed within a bloomy white rind caused by a white fungus. The rind too is meant to be eaten. It can be used as a dainty seasoning over salads. It is particularly amazing as an appetizer accompanied by fresh fruits, as well as by savoury cold meats like salami or turkey. It pairs well with Cider and Champagne.



Under this type falls the  Parmigiano-Reggiano, “the King of Cheeses”. Made from cow’s milk, this is a type of aged cheese which is mainly used in grated form as a seasoning over hit dishes like pasta. It is fragrant and has a certain sweetness to it, which makes it pair really well with dark chocolate and sparkling wines.



Pecorino is a type of hard cheese made from sheep’s milk. While the young pecorino is more buttery and softer, the older one is nutty and brittle. It’s a great grating cheese and can be used as a condiment. It pairs quite well with dry red wine.

And we, of course, can’t end the list without mentioning the cheese that was judged as the world’s best…

Cornish Kern

This dark-rinded cow’s milk cheese from Lynher Dairies was adjudged the world’s best cheese in 2017. It is matured for around 16 months and is a dry, flaky cheese.

While we are at it, you should also know about the world’s most expensive cheese…


Made from the milk of Balkan Donkeys of Serbia, Pule cheese is known to fetch a 1000 Euros per kilogram. It owes its price to its extreme rarity. It takes about 25 litres of donkey milk to make one kilogram of this white and crumbly cheese.

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