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We are a generation that believes in celebration for a reason or even when we don’t have one, and this is true across the world. Some are the kinds that involve loud electronic dance music, some involve a lot of headbanging, others involve a whole lot of dancing. And then there are those which involve squashing tomatoes on others. We understand there’s no end for the love of music and so, we have compiled a list of some of the best crazes from across the world that you should attend at least once.

  1. La Tomatina, Spain:

    (Source: Vox)

    Who doesn’t remember the epic Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara tomato party in Spain? So many tomatoes, so much wow! For those who thought it is just a party made up in the movie, you are highly mistaken. La Tomatina is an annual function in the town of Bunol (only, not elsewhere) in Spain. It began with a few boys of the locality getting into a fight that eventually led to the pelting of fruits on each other. Exactly a  year after this incident, some other boys started a fight and tomatoes brought from home began jettisoning from both sides. Banned multiple times, the tomato fight grew more as a friendly event over time and in 2002, it was declared a Festival of the International Tourists. It is held every last Wednesday of August. You can call it the Spanish Holi.

  2. Holi, India:

    (Source: Thomas Cook)

    Some of you must be thinking: why is Holi included in the list? The answer is: Holi has become an actual party recently, evolving over time from the age old cultural norms of “Festival of Colors” . This festival of colours and pichkaris and water balloons can grasp your heart and soul. In the recent times, Holi has become a reason for partying on the streets and when the amazing Holi-themed Bollywood tracks amp out, who can stop you from happy-feeting? Go to any city or town in India during Holi, and the scene will always be lit!

  3. Tomorrowland, Belgium:

    (Source: Your EDM)

    Tomorrowland is undoubtedly the most reputed and respected music festival on this planet. It had a major role in familiarising the concept of electronic dance music to the human race. Had it been a simple music fest, it could not have garnered that much popularity. But the fact that its tickets sell out within minutes is a proof that Tomorrowland is much beyond music. Whether it is the light shows or the mind-boggling disc-jockeying, this is the most sought-after party in the world.

  4. Sunburn, India:

    (Source: Fest Ticket)

    This Indian brain-child was a “muh-todd jawaab” to all the music festivals across other countries. Sunburn is organised every year during the month of December. Last year, it shifted its base from Vagator, Goa to the hilly Pune, Maharashtra and has rebranded itself as Sunburn Hills. But no matter where it happens, the love for Sunburn in India and beyond the borders is crazy! And why not, when the earth is shaken by the beats of legends like David Guetta, Diplo, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and so many more.

  5. Global Gathering:

    (Source: Skiddle)

    The event is hosted by a different nation every year. And it has some of the best line-ups of DJs. It is a global gathering in its truest sense, because the number of people who become a part of this madness belong to multiple nations. The festival has been running since 2001. It is the launch pad of multiple aspiring DJ’s and the popular ones have to show their worth.

  6. Burning Man, Nevada:

    (Source: Time Magazine)

    Burning Man is a temporary city erected in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, northwest Nevada, USA. This late summer event is guided by ten principles: “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, and self-expression, as well as community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy, and leaving no trace. It is where artistic self-expression is given highest priority. It isn’t a simple party; it is a cult fest. Adorning every year are the experimental and interactive sculpture, building, performance, and art cars among other media. The themes are chosen by the organizers. In simple words, it is enlightening and crazy!

Same old, same old routine: wake up, dress up and run up to work or college. How long and how many cups of stale coffee will help you drag yourself through your tedious and monotonous life?  Yes, there is no escape from work and career. But taking a break from it is equally important. We gave you the suggestions, it’s your call. A word from the wise: don’t just survive your life; live it.

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