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Roasting is one of the most luxurious ways of cooking. It enhances flavour by bringing about the process of caramelization. This slow-cooking method uses dry heat and is one of the best way of evenly cooking something. However, roast chicken is the most popular, among all meats.
The Pakistani/Indian Tandoori Chicken is a type of roasted chicken made in the tandoor, extremely popular in the entire world. The Fiji people too have their roast chicken, made uniquely in their earth oven known as lovo oven. The Samoan Umu and the Hawaiian Imu are other two earth ovens that use the technique of roasting and produce heavenly roasted chicken, with a distinctive flavour. Then there is the Mediterranean roasting technique, Rotisserie, acting as a blessing and bring us some absolutely lip-smacking dishes. Even though the techniques are different, the basic idea of roasting remains the same around the world.

Though roasting takes up quite a bit of time and most recipes require a bit of prep-up, it is ideal for special occasions and when you’re celebrating something nice.

Some contemporary roasted chicken dishes would be-

Honey-and-Lemon Glazed Roast Chicken

This dish is tried and tested to be delicious. The tangy-sweet flavour works amazingly well with the flavour of the roast and hence, is a crowd favourite at most dinner parties.

Roast Chicken with Garlic-Thyme Butter


Though simple, it’s quite the comfort food. The whole chicken or the chicken breast are the ideal choices to be used in this recipe. The mild yet gorgeous flavours are perfect to make to children happy.

Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde and Roasted Lemons


This dish is a creation of star chef Jonathan Waxman. The juicy chicken with crisp skin, paired with the seven-herbed salsa Verde and acidity of the lemons is sure to play with your taste buds. Also, it looks pretty fancy when served.

Chimichurri Chicken Roast


Argentinians are masters of roast. Thus, it’s not surprising that one of their popular roasts, the Chimichurri chicken, should turn out so well. Chimichurri is a parsley-based herb sauce, with a kick of vinegar. This dish is the Argentinian equivalent of the British Sunday roast.

Greek Chicken Pot Roast


The Greek chicken pot roast is perfect for a Sunday brunch. It can be turned into a hearty family meal by serving it with pasta. It’s the tomatoes, red pepper, smoked paprika, black olives, and feta cheese that bring in the warm Greek flavour.

Roast Jerk Chicken


This Jamaican dish, though originally grilled, is now popularly roasted as well (owing to the health-conscious crowd trying to avoid charcoal residues). It’s packed with tantalising flavours that hit the right notes.

Tandoori Chicken


Juicy, full of spices and absolutely delicious. This comfort food is generously slathered with tandoori masala while being marinated. The yogurt and spice marinade is the real deal but a proper roasting technique will add a lot to the flavour. The Indian rumali roti and mint chutney are the perfect accompaniments. Most Indian states are house to ample places for roasted chicken, but if you are looking for the best, hit the streets of India!

Pollo a La Brasa


This is a Peruvian dish which now is popular around the world, thanks to its considerably hassle-free recipe. With a side of salad, the meal becomes quite wholesome.

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