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It is an age-old custom of parents telling their kids how eating green leafy vegetables help our body maintain a perfect balance of both physical and mental health. As we aim towards making the Earth a greener place, hence negating the effects of “de-greening” the planet due to our activities, we should also work towards inculcating a habit of eating greens. The reason being that is, whether it is the planet or the human body, greens help it in becoming a place for life to survive.

Green food items come in the category of super-foods, which are essentially foods whose consumption helps us in elevating the level of our health and fitness and also eradicates all harmful substances from our body.

Following are few green ‘super-foods’ which you can add to your diet in order to have a better lifestyle:


(Source: Cook for your life)

Broccoli is one such vegetable which manages to firmly secure a place in every nutritional diet chart and ‘foods-to-eat’ list. It is blessed with numerous micronutrients which do nothing but benefit our body in every single way possible. Broccoli also helps prevents cancer, according to industry experts as it helps reduce the estrogen levels of the body which are said to aid cancer. Also, Broccoli improves bone density as it is very rich in calcium and Vitamin K. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels, keeps blood pressure in check, reduces inflammation and allergic tendencies of the body apart from also being a powerful antioxidant. Again, it is also rich in sulforaphane which helps prevent vein injury for people with high blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is one such item you should definitely add to your list without a doubt.


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Wheatgrass is a food item which is made out of the Triticum aestivum plant or rather, grass. We usually consume it as juice. But it is also available in powdered form. Consumption of wheatgrass helps reduce cholesterol levels and boosts your body metabolism. It also eliminates toxins from the body and acts as a liver support. It is extremely rich in micronutrients, just like Broccoli. It also gives a boost to the immune system and thus, prevents diseases and illnesses.


(Source: Healthy women)

Oh! Seriously! Do I need to even explain this?

Green tea has been soaring in popularity since the end of last decade. Innumerable in benefits, green tea stands at the top of the ‘superfoods’ list. It is rich in antioxidants. It prevents 11 different types of cancer including lung, breast and prostate cancer. Also, people seem to consume green tea to initiate weight loss, but studies in this field have not shown much results. Green tea helps increase your body metabolism and hence many people claim to have experienced weight loss due to its consumption. Inversely for a lot of people, this improved metabolism increases the daily consumption of calories and thus might even lead to weight gain for many people.


(Source: Unique Times)

Spinach is one of the healthiest plant-based foods available on Earth. It is one such food in this list which improves your eye health. It is rich in antioxidants which prevent cataract and other eye disorders. It is also rich in Vitamin K which improves bone health. It also has a great contribution in lowering hypertension apart from boosting our immunity. Spinach prevents diseases like anemia as well. It also reduces low blood pressure and the risk of heart attack along with promoting gastrointestinal health.


These were the four green ‘superfoods’ whose addition to your diet will help improve your health and wellness.



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