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In a stressful situation, have you ever just sat down and taken a few deep breaths? Do you remember how it made you feel calmer and lighter? When you’ve run a little more than you’re used to, you stop and take these rapid breaths to get your breathing back on track. Then there is breath you take when you feel like you’ve run out of oxygen, maybe when you’re trekking or climbing a hill. You don’t think much of these different breathing techniques, but they’ve all got their own advantages!

First, let us focus on the most common breathing technique which is practiced in yoga – deep breathing. Deep breathing connects the mind with the body, essentially allowing their rejuvenation as they become one. This breathing technique is one of easiest and best ways to attain health and wellness when it comes to your mind, body and soul. Not only is deep breathing a great way to calm your nerves and de-stress, but it also allows your brain to release tension and brings mental clarity. This technique allows you to meditate while massaging your inner organs and improving your nervous system. In fact, this also makes your lungs stronger – much recommended for smokers and people with lung problems.

Deep breathing is a very useful tool to quit-smoking. You can use deep breathing as a-coping skill.


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Complete breathing is the kind of breath you take in which fills your lungs, diaphragm and stomach. Usually, you’d take such a breath when you’re completely out of air but there’s more to this technique than just that! Complete breathing or ribcage breathing is very beneficial as it improves blood circulation while allowing your body to enter a state of relaxation. Since the blood circulation improves, the oxygen levels in the body increase due to which your heart rate will decrease causing a sense of calmness. Such breathing techniques are suggested by doctors as health tips for those suffering from asthma.

Related imageSource: http://www.centeredyoga.com/article_arielle-how-your-breathing.html

Baba Ram Dev is famous for his abdominal breathing techniques, and it’s time you take a page from his book! Abdominal breathing is basically taking air from the nostrils directly into the stomach hence pushing the belly out when you inhale and sucking the belly in once you exhale. This form of breathing reduces the stress levels and increases the levels of melatonin, which is basically a happy hormone. This allows easy relaxation, and is recommended for athletes as it allows quick recovery post-exercise! Abdominal breathing also kick starts the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes the food to break down quicker hence improving digestion.

Image result for deep breathingSource: http://www.neurohealthchiro.com.au/posture-effects-breathing/

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted or just bloated – try some breathing exercise. In fact, you should try to incorporate 10 minutes of focused breathing into your everyday routine to keep your physical and mental health at its peak! And it’s not just limited to well being – if you’re trying to attain self-awareness then guided deep breathing meditation will work wonders. Breathe in, breathe out, slowly.. deeply..gently.

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