For The Love Of Tea

Chai. Sigh. The word itself brings in this warm feeling of comfort. The sweet milk-tea (often with an infused aroma of cardamom or a hit of ginger) is popular along the entire Indian subcontinent. While we Indians have our specific way(s) of preparing and serving chai, people around the world too have their own tea... Continue Reading →



Indians have a massive sweet tooth, and the proof is in the booming demand and consumption of chocolate. With the young population's taste for indulgence, the amount of chocolate sold to Indians has nearly tripled over the past decade. In India, chocolate has traditionally been seen as a treat for kids. But, marketers are now specifically... Continue Reading →


With their intoxicating spices and mouth watering flavours, Indian curries are enjoyed world over. Unlike western dishes that tend to pair similar flavours together, Indian dishes use several ingredients that do not contain overlapping flavours. Indian spices also have amazing medical benefits due to their antioxidant properties that heal the body. And the awareness of... Continue Reading →

Paans of Bengaluru

Innovation is one of the most effective marketing strategies that companies use these days to popularize their products. But how about innovation in the 'Paan' Industry? Earlier, Paan was a simple preparation of betel nut along with some 'chuna' amd 'katha'. Now, it is actually a lot more than that. Ranging from Chocolate paan to... Continue Reading →

Places In India Where Buying Alcohol Wouldn’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Alcohol prices vary according to locations in India, because of the way it is taxed on by the state governments. In the last decade, India has seen more than a 50% hike in the number of people drinking alcohol. So, I guess, I am safe to assume that most of the audience here do drink.... Continue Reading →

Best Shawarma Places In Bengaluru

Shawarma is a pita-bread wrap which is filled with delicious grilled meat, veggies, pickles, and assorted condiments. It is a firm favorite of many, which has contributed to it's popularity. In the 2012 movie The Avengers, Iron Man can be seen expressing his desire to eat Shawarma, towards the end. In the post-credit seen, the... Continue Reading →

5 Places in Bengaluru for Chinese Foodies

No matter how much we show resentment towards the ever-threatening Chinese forces on our borders, the love and respect we have showered on Chinese food contradict the scenario. From multi-starred posh restaurants to small food vendors in the streets, Chinese food has been reigning in India and over the Indian taste buds for ages. Bengaluru... Continue Reading →

Indian Bizarre Food for the Strong-Hearted

India has a huge diversity of land and people. This brings various cultures together. All these cultures together make up the identity of India. In this post we put forward a few quirks of some of these cultures, quirks in their cuisine. And who knows, you might find one (or all) of these quirks fascinating... Continue Reading →

Coffee – The Good and Evil Sides

Over the last few years, coffee houses have been mushrooming in our little towns and cities. Coffee is no longer a beverage for the urban classes alone. In fact it has reached the rural masses considerably, although it still isn’t the most popular drink among them. I guess we it's difficult to take "chai" out... Continue Reading →

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