Quincy Jones: Rebooted

With his recent interview with Vulture, Quincy Jones is back on the headlines. Not someone to mince his words or hide his thoughts under a veil of diplomacy, his interview was, like the man, explosive. Almost 85, the man seeks approval from no one. “I’ve got nothing to be scared of, man.” he says. The... Continue Reading →


Rent your own chopper!

We grow up dreaming to fly in the sky someday. Though, most of us experience the services of commercial flights at some point of our lives, sitting on a helicopter seems like a long lost dream which very few can experience. But, guess what? After Uber and Ola's cab services, we will have HeliTaxii providing... Continue Reading →

Karni Sena Strikes Back

They are loud, they are relentless and they are back. It's been fifteen days since Padmaavat hit the silver screens after a month-long tussle with the newly-formed pseudo censor board called the Karni Sena. But "picture abhi baki hain, mere dost!" The Sena has now turned its attention towards another upcoming historical biopic starring Kangana... Continue Reading →

The PNB Modi-fication

Punjab National Bank is one of the popular multinational banking and financial services company. This Valentine's Day, its popularity reached another height when it turned out to be the victim of the year's biggest banking con job. PNB detected the fraudulent transactions in the third week of January this year. With proper calculations, the exact... Continue Reading →

#pakora and the Measure of Success

What do you do when you can't keep your promise of providing employment to the idle youth of the country? You assert that a person selling pakoras and earning Rs 200 a day is also employed. Modi, hugging Zuckerberg, on his visit to USA to discuss job creation with top American CEOs During a recent... Continue Reading →

OnePlus Confirms Credit Card Breach, knotted in further security issues

Even as OnePlus, a few days back, announced that 40,000 of their customers were affected by the credit card security breach, they are again accused of sending data to Chinese servers. Talking first about the credit card breach, OnePlus had to suspend credit card payments on their online store. Investigations on this matter began after... Continue Reading →

Indian Paisa League…?

The season of IPL is back. Weeks of nail-biting anticipation has finally come to an end. For two days, the teams were engaged in heated auctioning. Players went under the hammer. Squadrons changed, some players left their teams, others took up new jerseys. And just like every year, some players remained unwanted for this 11th... Continue Reading →

India Budget 2018: Key Highlights

This election year's budget is much focused on rural India, with the uplifting of agriculture and other rural sectors. Healthcare too is brought into focus with the Government announcing the 'world's largest' health protection scheme. However, the middle class seems lost in this budget, which also has been termed a 'disappointment' for investors. Healthcare An... Continue Reading →

Trump-eting Pakistan

The first tweet of US President Donald Trump sent ripples across the expert panels. He claimed that Pakistan was full of "lies and deceit" and making "fools" of US leaders. The tweet said "The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have... Continue Reading →

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