Famous Health Gurus!

The Guruji culture has been deeply embedded in the Indian DNA for quite sometime now. Be it anything, from studies to sports, a guide, a mentor, a coach is all we need. Every sportsperson has had a 'guru' with them for a substantial period of time in their lives. Therefore, fitness being a complicated and... Continue Reading →


How Sports Can Improve Your Health

While it's common knowledge that physical activities go a long way in keeping you fit, here we will delve deeper and talk about the HOW part of it and which specific sport is good for which specific health problem you are facing. In a peer-reviewed British journal on sports medicine, it has been found after... Continue Reading →

Sleep Deep!

At the end of a tiring day, when you embrace your bed with open arms and legs (quite literally) it feels as if there's no higher level of satisfaction than this. Sleeping is arguably the highest form of comfort in an individual's daily life. A healthy and deep sleep rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.... Continue Reading →


Have you been getting less sleep and gaining more weight? Feel like this has been your life since forever? Well don’t you worry, because you are not alone. Ever looked at those glamorous celebs and wondered, how in God’s name, they are so in shape? It seems like your question has been answered. Keep reading... Continue Reading →


With their intoxicating spices and mouth watering flavours, Indian curries are enjoyed world over. Unlike western dishes that tend to pair similar flavours together, Indian dishes use several ingredients that do not contain overlapping flavours. Indian spices also have amazing medical benefits due to their antioxidant properties that heal the body. And the awareness of... Continue Reading →

4 Healthy Breakfast options for the diet conscious

The most important part of having a healthy breakfast is - to wake up. Early. (LOL) Most of the individuals who are conscious about their health or people who have visited a nutritionist even once would know the importance of breakfast. It sets the tone for the day.  Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to ensure... Continue Reading →

Home Remedies To Tackle Your Common Annoying Health Problems

1. Body Pain Body pain is of various types. But for the basic ones, a classic remedy is a relaxing bath with epsom salt. However, if your bathroom doesn't have a tub, you can always go for chamomile to help you get relief from muscle spasms. Just rub chamomile essential oil in the affected area... Continue Reading →

Shed Those Extra Kilos Immediately – Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Most of us today are stuck to an unhealthy lifestyle and much less time to work on keeping ourselves healthy. Let alone working out to burn those hazardous calories, we have even stopped eating clean! This group of "most of us" do want to eat a balanced diet, but don't know where to start. However,... Continue Reading →

5 Places to buy sex toys in India

Ah! So finally we've grown up and have realized that every individual has their own sexual desires and fantasies. Taboos and sexual jokes are a thing of the past now. This rational realization of the Generation X of India, has increased the demand for sex toys in the country. But, there's a catch. India doesn't... Continue Reading →

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