Shed Those Extra Kilos Immediately – Best Diet Plans for Wight Loss

Most of us today are stuck to an unhealthy lifestyle and much less time to work on keeping ourselves healthy. Let alone working out to burn those hazardous calories, we have even stopped eating clean! This group of "most of us" do want to eat a balanced diet, but don't know where to start. However,... Continue Reading →


5 Places to buy sex toys in India

Ah! So finally we've grown up and have realized that every individual has their own sexual desires and fantasies. Taboos and sexual jokes are a thing of the past now. This rational realization of the Generation X of India, has increased the demand for sex toys in the country. But, there's a catch. India doesn't... Continue Reading →

5 Essential health Supplements

There are a number of  myths concerning  dietary supplements, that they are harmful for our health, are to be taken only by bodybuilders, etc. Health supplements can be consumed by anyone and everyone except for those who have a health condition or are intolerant to such substances. You can refer to a previous article Benefits... Continue Reading →

5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Office Desk

With increasing workload and constant pressure to impress the bosses in hope of a promotion, leaves us with no time to take care of ourselves. This leads to loss in appetite, tiredness, deteriorating health and much more. So, it is very evident that it's immensely difficult and nearly impossible to accommodate a gym or an... Continue Reading →

Yoga Vs Exercise

  With increasing rush in our lives, we hardly have any time to take care of ourselves. It is evident from the way we lose our agility, gain weight and become prone to injuries and diseases. The effects are seen mainly on our bodies; however the psyche of an individual also sustains these ill-effects. So... Continue Reading →

Dietary habits to reduce Body Heat

Body heat is heat produced by the body due to metabolic and physical activities. It is also referred to as "Heat Stress", a common health problem caused by exposure to high temperatures. It occurs when the body temperature rises more than the normal range of temperature, between ‎36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). It sometimes is also... Continue Reading →

Benefits and Side Effects of Dietary Supplements

Health supplements are basically consumed with the intent of acquiring those nutrients which are not available to the individual through his/her daily routine diet. These dietary supplements play an important role in achieving one’s health goals. Now, whether consuming them is beneficial or harmful to the body has always been a debatable topic. Here are... Continue Reading →

7 Healthy Habits Which Can Change Your Life

Every time you get an upset stomach or any form of physical sickness, you make a promise to yourself and your loved ones to follow a strict and healthy diet the very moment you recover from it, but seldom does it get fulfilled. Here are seven healthy habits for you to follow to help you... Continue Reading →

Simple Yogas for beginners

Yoga is about feeling your breath to give relaxation to our body and peace to our mind. Yoga is about stretching our body to relax our bones and muscles. Unlike bodybuilding or weight lifting, yoga can be performed by people of all age groups. It helps improve blood circulation and reduce joint or muscle pain.... Continue Reading →

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