His Feet-Talk

Men love shoes! It might seem that women are pro in fashion trends, but want to see the true passion for trend-setting, ask men about their shoe collection. It might be wrong to generalize this, but most men do have the zest to adorn their feet with the best looking and most comforting footwears. But... Continue Reading →


Kiddo Fashion: ‘Was’ Vs ‘Is’

Remember the time when you had no control over what you wore. Ah, the golden time when our parents thought they knew what was best for us. Despite our desperate protests, we were forced to wear what our folks thought was good for us and gave us the best protection from the wrath of weather. ... Continue Reading →

Dress to Kill: First Date Choices (For Him)

That annoying moment when your girlfriend or girl friends say that guys shouldn't take much time to dress and that a guy's wardrobe choices are minimal! It is so not true and so anti-feminist! We know that for a guy, all shades of a colour get generalised as one, so red doesn't get divided into... Continue Reading →

Shashi Tharoor, the man who plays with words

When Sashi Tharoor tweets, you need to go get your dictionary. Yes, the man has done it again! After "farrago", it's now " rodomontade". What's even more amazing is the fact that he doesn't just throw around the rare beauty. He uses it in a very well structured and, if I may say, witty sentence! What... Continue Reading →

Dress to Kill : First Date Choices(For Her)

First impression is the last impression. That's why first dates are important to portray the best in you. It can be very confusing to decide upon your clothing and makeup, and you might end up hyperventilating. First dates set the future for your romantic life. So it is very necessary to not mess them up.... Continue Reading →

Fusion in My Pallu: A guide to Indian Sari Styles

For any Indian lady, while a marriage is a thing of meeting, greeting and happy times, it is also a headache. You open the wardrobe and realize that all the dresses have been worn before and the gossip-aunties that are over enthusiastic about everyone's attire will surely remind you of the last event where you... Continue Reading →

Fashion Trends That Became Gender Benders Without Anyone Realising

Fashion is dynamic. What was fashionable yesterday might not be fashionable today. Yet, what was fashionable yesterday might become fashionable tomorrow. While from the ancient times, men and women have been wearing distinctly different styles of clothes, now those distinctions are more faded then ever. Most of what used to be worn by men are... Continue Reading →

Best Online Sites To Buy Beauty Products In India

Buying make-up online is a lot tougher than buying clothes online - I get it. That is why I am listing out the online shopping sites you can trust. Maybe you don't trust me, but at least trust all those great reviews these sites have won. Nykaa.com The promise of authenticity of both men's and... Continue Reading →

Winter Fashion for Men

Winter is just around the corner and it's time for our colors to hibernate. Not just ladies but men too find it hard to keep themselves warm and not look boring at the same time.  Yes, woolen clothes do look dull sometimes, but with the right tricks to pairing them and choosing the colors wisely,... Continue Reading →

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