Best Rainbow Viewpoints Across India

Science considers it as a meteorological phenomenon caused by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light. Mythology has various notions depending upon culture. Some call it as the bridge between heaven and earth. Chinese consider it as the symbol representing Ying-Yang. The Norse Mythology calls it the Bifrost. Call it what you want to but... Continue Reading →


Waterfall Destinations Around The World

The chill of the high altitude, the fresheness in the air, the soothing green of the surrounding, and of course, the cascade of water torrenting down a rocky edge, but in a beautiful tranquil manner - everything makes waterfalls the ideal sightseeing scene. Though some of the below mentioned waterfalls may be less approachable then... Continue Reading →

The land of Dawn-lit mountains

Nearly every group has once decided to go on a road trip to the hilly areas and mountainous roads of the Northeast. Then, if you and your group fall in the same category of desire, then Arunachal Pradesh is your paradise. The state is full of adventurous paths, rumbling bridges and nail biting excitement. Every... Continue Reading →

Best Places In India For Solo Women Travellers

Does the title itself make you skeptic about the content? Well, don't worry, India is not truly the red, bloodied country as portrayed in most newspapers through innumerable crime stories. Though there are a few really scary places, once you read the list, you will know how those places are few in number.  Here, we... Continue Reading →

Pack My Way

It's the holiday season and all travelling ports are packed with people from all walks of life. The hustle and bustle, the noise of anticipation, the rush- it is kind of enthralling. And here you are, trying to pull your over-the-top heavy luggage. What's worse, is your fellow passengers can figure out quite easily what... Continue Reading →

Assam Unexplored: The State with the longest river bridge and one of the longest straight road of Asia

Assam, the land where vibrancy lives and reigns. Surrounded by seven states and serving as their doorway, this state is home to diverse and breathtaking  flora, fauna, culture and people. From the lush tea gardens of upper Assam to the stunning crafts of bell metal, bronze and brass from lower Assam, from the sweet and... Continue Reading →

Top Destinations That Offer Visa On Arrival To Indias

The best part of international travel is the part when you are all excited and eager to set foot on foreign land. But isn't this a bit marred by all the worry of paperwork? If you too hate paperwork as much as I do, you will definitely be happy to jump it. So, here's a... Continue Reading →

Places in India Which Definitely Will Intrigue You

India is a fascinating conglomeration of various colors. While from the outside you can only see so much, here's me telling you about a few places you might have never heard of but will still be caught up with by the stories they have to tell. While some will arouse your curiosity, some will make... Continue Reading →

Places In India Where Buying Alcohol Wouldn’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Alcohol prices vary according to locations in India, because of the way it is taxed on by the state governments. In the last decade, India has seen more than a 50% hike in the number of people drinking alcohol. So, I guess, I am safe to assume that most of the audience here do drink.... Continue Reading →

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